Babylon 5: Our Last Best Hope

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5: Fan run incredibly comprehensive resource


A compilation of Kosh quotes (affectionately called "Koshisms") is available along with an "Ask Kosh" program.

You can peek at my Babylon 5 quote file. (Warning: Fourth Season Spoilers)
My own quote file and the quote generator created by Michael "The Admiral" Zecca and Heiji Horde.

About the B5 Universe

The Babylon 5 Encyclopedia: Glossary of terms and people seen in the series.

Babylon 5 Fan Club

TNT's Babylon 5 site

Babylon 5 SF References List

Episodes from the second and third seasons frequently featured Rangers in the background. Here's a list of Ranger sightings.

Babylon 5 area at The Mining Company


For more humor, check out the Cat & Dragon special Babylon 5 Merchandising Program.

Sound, Video, and Collectibles

Babylon 5 Soundtracks by Chris Franke

Jim Ward's Down Below Sound Archive

Dave's Galatic Gallery has art based on Babylon 5.

Selected Mailing Lists and Zines

The Zocalo is a free online newsletter devoted to Babylon 5, featuring news, interviews, discussions, and more. The web page has back issues. To subscribe, send a note to and include your first name, email address, and your state (US), province (Canada), or country of residence.

The B5JMS List is an echo of JMS's messages on the newsgroup, filtered through an automated script that also sends the messages he's replying to, if any. The list also includes digests of JMS's messages on Compuserve and GEnie. To subscribe, send mail to with a single line in the message body: subscribe b5jms

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